Tooth & Nail Presents: Superman and his bad habit

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Comedy, Comics, Comic Strip, Parody, Satire, Silliness,
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  1. catherine says:

    That’s a very cute idea, having the dsniges in sticks to be sliced off when needed. You sure can get many from just one stick! The sticks remind me of eraser sticks (also with fruity dsniges) that you could cut off in chunks for use. I had some of them when I was a kid. Ha ha! Thanks for showing this. Interesting idea for nail art design. 😀

  2. vincedorse says:

    I know it makes for an uncomfortable lunch, but Batman must get a smug sense of satisfaction every time someone tells him how smart he is. I’d needle Superman about his hygiene too if I thought I could squeeze a grudging compliment out of him. Nice work. -v

    • toothandnailcomic says:

      Thanks! Yeah, Batman’s approval would probably result in us doing a lot of things outside our comfort zone. haha 😉

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